Jefferson County Public Schools

Cluster 11 Elementary Schools

Jefferson County Public Schools are divided into groupings of schools called "Clusters". The Elementary Schools are currently divided into 13 of these Clusters across Louisville, KY. Cluster 11 consists of 7 schools: Byck Elementary School, Coleridge-Taylor Montessori School, Dunn Elementary School, Lowe Elementary School, Roosevelt-Perry Elementary School, Wilder Elementary School, and Zachary Taylor Elementary School.

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Cluster 11 is separated into two different areas of Louisville, KY. It roughly covers the area near downtown and then another larger area East of I-264. For a more specific boundary, view Jefferson County Public School's map: Jefferson County Elementary School Clusters.

Cluster 11 Elementary Schools:

Byck Elementary School

Coleridge-Taylor Montessori School

Dunn Elementary School

Lowe Elementary School

Roosevelt-Perry Elementary School

Wilder Elementary School

Zachary Taylor Elementary School