Jefferson County Public Schools

Cluster 10 Elementary Schools

Jefferson County Public Schools are divided into groupings of schools called "Clusters". The Elementary Schools are currently divided into 13 of these Clusters across Louisville, KY. Cluster 10 consists of 6 schools: Bowen Elementary School, Chancey Elementary School, Goldsmith Elementary School, Middletown Elementary School, Norton Elementary School, and Stopher Elementary School.

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Cluster 10 is located across two separate areas of Eastern Louisville, KY. One section roughly covers the area just South of I-264, halfway between the airport and I-64. The other section covers the far Northeastern area of the city, halfway between I-264 and I-265; it runs all the way to the Oldham County line. For a more specific boundary, view Jefferson County Public School's map: Jefferson County Elementary School Clusters.

Cluster 10 Elementary Schools:

Bowen Elementary School

Chancey Elementary School

Goldsmith Elementary School

Middletown Elementary School

Norton Elementary School

Stopher Elementary School