Please Visit Louisville Crime Map for more detailed information

  • When using the map:
  • Enter an address to review crime near that location.
  • Click on an dot or a Police Beat area to subscribe to crime alerts & trend updates.
  • Clicking a dot on the map will bring up the crime for the last 2 years at that location.
  • Use the filter tool to change the time range.
  • To view or download in a dataset, visit our Open Data Portal Crime Data.

The most recent crime data available is from up to 3 days prior, i.e. “three days ago”. Crime data is provided for Louisville Metro Police Divisions only; crime data does not include smaller class cities.

The map shows only Part I FBI crimes -- charges that include murder, auto theft, assault, vandalism and robbery. Crimes that are addressed as “At Large”, will not be shown on the map as there is no physical address but the crime data is still available on our Open Data Portal Crime Data.

The data reported and the date occurred may have a large time span between them because date reported is the date the report was taken and the date occurred is the exact date the offence occurred or the last known date the item was in the victim's possession.