Bates Elementary School - A Jefferson County Elementary School

"Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow"

Bates Elementary School - A Jefferson County Public School

Located at 7601 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY 40291, Bates Elementary School is part of Cluster 8. Other elementary schools in Cluster 8 are as follows: Alex R. Kennedy Elementary, Farmer Elementary, Fern Creek Elementary, Jeffersontown Elementary, Watterson Elementary, and Wheeler Elementary.

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Bates Elementary School focuses on hiring and holding on to qualified teachers who value incorporating technology into their teaching plans. Through the use of iPads, computer labs, and SMART Boards, students learn to proficiently use technology on a regular basis. Bates Elementary Schools also places a large emphasis on their performing arts program; band, choir, and school plays are just a few of the activities that are provided as extracurricular options.

There is a school dress code that students follow. Oxford shirts, polo shirts, and turtleneck shirts are allowed; they must be a solid color and may have a Bates logo (if desired). Any shorts, slacks, skirts, or capris must be tan, navy, or black.

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Address: 7601 Bardstown Rd. Louisville, KY 40291
Phone: 502-485-8208
Principal: Alecia Dunn
Mission Statement: “Bates Elementary is committed to providing high-quality instruction and building strong character so students will become successful, self-sufficient citizens of the future. We are a School of Excellence.”

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