What We Love About Louisville KY (Besides Selling Homes!)

Restaurant Row

The Best of the Highlands!

Restaurant Row

Everyone in Louisville knows how much our city prides itself on supporting local business. We shop in locally owned boutiques, support local bars, and buy local and farm fresh food for our families. But above all else, we love to eat at local restaurants! Louisville, KY is known for its numerous locally owned and operated dining establishments, and a large portion of these can be found in one 3 mile stretch.

 Restaurant Row, located in the unique neighborhood of the Highlands, is Louisville’s most densely restaurant-populated spot in the city. One cruise down Bardstown Road, and you can easily see why the area attracts so many locals on a daily basis. Unique bars, eclectic shops, and award-winning eateries line the street making Restaurant Row one the city’s favorite hangouts.

Restaurant Row

Louisvillians looking for a casual dining experience might check out Ramsi’s Café...

Unique Highlands Home For Sale! 2014 Gladstone Ave. Louisville, KY 40205

A beautiful home in the Upper Highlands!

This beautiful 3 bedroom and 2 ½ bathroom home for sale, located in the Upper Highlands, is a unique sight to see. Unlike many homes in the area, it boasts a completely open floor plan. When you step in the front door, you can easily see why the current owners love to entertain guests! One of their favorite memories of the home is the annual Thanksgiving Open House. Each year, they would welcome over 50 visitors into their home; the open space is just great for inviting family and friends!

Aside from the welcoming feel of the open floor plan, this home is also in great shape! There was a complete overhaul and renovation in 2004, and a new water heater was installed in 2008. A new roof, in 2014, offers the comfort of knowing you won’t have that expense anytime soon. Over the last two years, the master bedroom’s hardwood has been refinished, and carpet upstairs has been replaced as well. There truly is no work that needs be done before you would move in. Talk about a stress-free transition!

First floor laundry is a huge convenience factor here as well. Laundry is attached to the first floor master suite to keep daily chores as easy as possible. You can relax even further by taking a load off on the welcoming back patio. The current...

March 2015 Numbers Still Show Promise for Eager Sellers

Thinking about selling your home this season? It continues to be a seller's market!

The real estate market here in Louisville, KY is continuing to look promising for those planning to sell their homes. March’s market statistics have recently been reported, and the data proves that now remains a great time to sell. Far fewer quality homes were available in March when compared to the same time last year; only 5,195 active listings were available in March 2015 compared to 6,147 active listings in March 2014. This is an inventory decrease of 15.5%! Such high demand is great news for sellers.  

High demand predictably drives up prices as well. (It’s another piece of good news for home sellers!) Average selling prices of homes in March 2015 show an increase of 13.3% from last year. (The average price was $186,600 versus $164,700 in 2014.) Home buyers continue to fight for a new place to call home, and they prove it through increasing the amount they are willing to pay. If you are thinking of listing your home, begin the process soon to get a piece of the action. Buyer competition is truly intense right now!

The actual number of houses sold so far this year once again support a seller’s market. February’s statistical report showed that Louisville had a 6.3% increase of year-to-date homes sold. March’s numbers show an even greater increase! Sales are up 8.3% for the year. 2,891 homes have already been sold, and that number is rapidly growing.


A Fun and Easy Easter Dessert

Every bunny loves a cake!

A Fun and Easy Easter Dessert

Looking for a way to celebrate Easter and the beauty of spring? How about a bunny cake?! The kids will love creating this together, and it certainly makes for a fun dessert to share with the family after a big Easter dinner. You can get as crazy as you’d like with this one too. Just let your creative juices flow!

You will need:

A box of your favorite cake mix. (Or bake from scratch!)

Icing. (We like using white to make decorating a little easier.)

Shredded coconut. (If you don’t like coconut, texture can be added by pulling a fork over the icing.)

Black gel icing.

Jelly beans, colored icing, or other candies....