What We Love About Louisville KY (Besides Selling Homes!)

Are Ranch homes all the rage in Louisville?

Ranch homes for sale Louisville ky

Much like spray cheese, Black Friday and a good ol’ cheeseburger, the ranch style home is unique to America, capturing the hearts of homeowners for years.  Ranch homes first came to existence in the 1920s but were coined “ramblers” at the time. By the 1950s, the ranch home swept the nation and was by far the most popular choice, albeit transforming overtime to several variations including the California, storybook, suburban, raised, and split-level ranch. There are plenty of neighborhoods who feature a large number of ranch homes for sale. If you’re trying to find a ranch home for  $500,000 and up, you’ll love neighborhoods like Norton Commons and Rock Springs. For ranches from 350-500k, Barbourmeade, Brownsboro Park, and Hurstbourne have lots of options.  Ranches in the 150k-350k price range are the hardest to find, most sought after homes.  Apple Valley, Ashbrooke, Austin Woods, Barbizon Place, Barbour Manor, ...

2019 St.Patrick's Day Parade in Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky’s Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Every year, Louisville, Kentucky hosts a one-of-a-kind St. Patrick’s Day Parade. It’s a celebration of Irish heritage, love of Louisville, and overall camaraderie. This year, the parade takes place on Saturday, March 9th, at 3pm.

Organized by the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, this is a Louisville tradition beloved by many of the city’s residents drawing in green-wearing lovers of the Irish from all over. Kicking off at the intersection of Baxter Avenue and Broadway (1248 E. Broadway), the parade follows the Baxter Avenue/Bardstown Road corridor through the Highlands eventually concluding around 6pm.

The parade itself provides fun and entertainment for the whole family. Floats, costumes, music, and cheers are shared with over 100,000 parade goers. Kids love the fun decorations, wildly dressed participants, and goodies that are often handed out. Adults love to experience the Irish culture, celebrate with friends, and enjoy a good Irish brew! Truly, it’s fun for all ages.

St. Patrick's Day Parade on Bardstown Road in Louisville KY...