What We Love About Louisville KY (Besides Selling Homes!)

This Weekend - Louisville's Tailspin Ale Fest!

Explore the world of craft beer. 

This weekend’s event that you do NOT want to miss is Louisville’s Tailspin Ale Fest. Separated into a two-night celebration of the beloved world of craft beer, this festival is a must for any local brew enthusiast. Set in one of the awesome WWII era airplane hangars at Louisville’s own Bowman Field, the location itself offers a truly unique experience for every lover of the Bluegrass.


2014 Numbers Reveal How Strong Louisville Real Estate Market is NOW

2015 is proving to be a good time to sell.

The 2014 statistical reports are in for the Louisville area, and it is clear that now is the most beneficial time for local sellers to list their property. When comparing the year-end numbers of 2013 to those of 2014, a large decrease in active listings can be seen. Louisville MLS inventory is down 11%, so the demand for availability of quality property is high. December came and went with records lows of just over 6,000 listings in all of Jefferson, Oldham, and Bullitt Counties combined. Compare this to the more than 9,000 homes that were listed here in Louisville, KY during our housing market’s worst years (2008-2011), and you can see that the odds of properties selling quickly are definitely high. When analyzing the 2014 year as a whole, a 2.7% increase in the average selling price (just over $180,000) shows the Louisville market is returning to a healthy rate of appreciation.  The lack of an abundant supply of nice homes for sale has helped increase prices as well.

With the comparatively low number of houses currently available for buyers, the spring rush has begun early for 2015. The high number of interested buyers, coupled with the decrease in valuable inventory available in Louisville, inherently creates a competitive market this time of year. If you are planning to sell your property during 2015, the best time to list is NOW. The Louisville real estate market needs your quality listing to meet current home buying demands. Homes are selling quickly with the limited options available to buyers.

Louisville and the surrounding area is truly a...

3 Ways to Fall in Love with Louisville, Kentucky!

3 Ways to Fall in Love with Louisville, Kentucky!

3 Ways to Fall in Love with Louisville, Kentucky

Whether you are a Louisville native, or just visiting for a weekend, it is quite easy to learn why this city is loved by so many. Our city’s proudest event, the Kentucky Derby, is less than three months away! With that being said, now is the best time to truly immerse yourself in all of the beauty that our area has to offer. Nothing describes Louisville better than horses, bourbon, and world-class food. (Check out our favorite Mint Julip recipe here. You're welcome.) In order to highlight these perfectly southern festivities, we want to spotlight a local touring company that promises to bring you all of these in a way that you have to see to believe.

Mint Julep Tours offers an authentic Kentucky experience that caters to anyone interested in diving deeper into the history of the Bluegrass. With three options to focus on (Kentucky horse country, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, or the city’s culinary scene), there is a tour to entertain any Kentucky enthusiast.