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Thanksgiving with the Louisville Real Estate Pros

November is a month of gratitude and thanks. It is a time when many gather around the dinner table in anticipation of a great feast. Variations of turkey and dressing are baked in households across the Louisville area. It is a time to share and celebrate with our families and friends. Some reminisce on delightful past memories or funny stories while others are busy making new memories of their own. This is really a wonderful time of the year. It is amazing how a little thankfulness can change a person’s outlook, even if just for a day. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a bountiful feast or to have all of their family present. Remember those that are homeless or hungry and think of them the next time you see a holiday donation bucket. Take time to thank a service man or woman for their service to this great county. Many of them have missed several holidays with their family as they were fulfilling their duty as soldiers and paying a debt most of us could never repay. We have so many things to be thankful for. The team at Louisville Real Estate Pros would like to share their Thanksgiving happenings and a few recipes. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

 Gerri WillisThe most memorable Thanksgiving I had was when we went to my Grandma's house in Paris Ill (we took our standard poodle Duke with us). They left the bird to cool a minute in the kitchen and Duke jumped up and ate it in a flash. Dad said Duke was taking one for the team since Grandma's turkey wasn't known to be the tastiest.  

I'm most thankful for my family that loves me, my friends that understand me and my boss that gives me the flexibility in my work so I can be the mom I want to be at home.  

My plans are to have family at my house and to decorate the tree after...

Jefferson County Property Tax Payment Deadlines

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and one thing many of us are thankful for is our property taxes, right? All kidding aside, the fact that we pay property taxes means that we are fortunate enough to have property of our own. In Jefferson County, the deadline to pay property taxes and receive a discount is December 1st. To pay without a discount the date is December 31st. In fact, if you pay after January 1st, a penalty of 5% is assessed.  

Property taxes are based on the assessed value of your property.  Everyone who owns property must pay a tax on it. Many people have this taken out of their monthly mortgage payment through an escrow account. Those individuals will still receive a tax statement to inform them of their current property tax charges. For property that sold mid year, the seller usually pays a pro-rated tax at the time of closing and then the buyer is responsible to pay the entire tax when it is due. If you are unsure if this occured, check on your settlement statement. If you are uncertain if your taxes are escrowed, contact your mortgage company. Those that do not have an escrow account set up will need to make a payment to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office. These payments can be by mail, in person at the Sheriff’s office  or via the internet. The addresses are listed below with links to the website. Remember to have your tax bill in hand when you pay.

Mail: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
P.O. Box 34570
Louisville, KY 40232-4570



Should I continue to make my payment if I'm going to short-sale my house?


First Commonwealth Mortgage featured on LouisvilleRealestatepros.com

One of my favorite Senior Bankers, Jason Justice was nice enough to give us this tip of the day, in regards to making your payment in the midst of a short-sale.  

Jason says:  

"If you are going through a short-sale process and want to purchase in the future, you must continue to make your mortgage payments on time and not become delinquent.  If you pay the mortgage on time, once the bank reports it to the credit bureaus, it will not show up as a foreclosure status.  The three year period before you can acquire another mortgage is only required when you do not make your payments and become delinquent on the mortgage prior to the short-sale being completed ...

Best School District in Kentucky

Anchorage School Kentucky

Anchorage Independant School District

Ranked Number One in Kentucky


Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress — K-PREP test results place Anchorage as the number one school in Kentucky. Anchorage School has historically been a top performing school in the state of Kentucky and has been the reason Anchorage real estate sells so well.  Located less than twenty minutes from the center of Louisville, it is home to many local executives and an easy commute for local doctors based out of the Louisville area and Sounthern Indiana hospitals.

Anchorage Public School Crest

Many people move into the district so they can send their children to the school, which starts students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. For more information about the schools, you can call me,Pam Ruckriegel, at 502-435-5524 and I'll put you in touch with the superintendent, Don Cravens, or principal, Keith Waford.  I have only good things to say about Anchorage School as all three of my children graduated from Anchorage.

Corner of Bellewood and Park Road...