Locust Grove Miniature Workshop and Showcase

If I weren't already busy with the 2013 Louisville Real Estate Pro Summit, I would already be registered for the $40 Miniatures workshop going on at Locust Grove this Saturday, February 15th, 2013. 

Locust Grove KY Louisville Real Estate Pros

Each participant gets a corner room, flooring, a table (to construct) and a chair (to upholster). 
Kid's under 14 are welcome to attend as long as they have a parent present. 
Don't forget, if you want a cheap, neat activity for the kids, run by Locust Grove during visiting hours ( From 10am-4:30pm M-Sat and 1-4:30pm Sun) and drop a donation in the box to see the exhibit of miniatures and dollhouses. You won't be disappointed!
My Dollhouse Louisville Real Estate Pros
This is my dollhouse- halfway finished!

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