Jefferson County Property Tax Payment Deadlines

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and one thing many of us are thankful for is our property taxes, right? All kidding aside, the fact that we pay property taxes means that we are fortunate enough to have property of our own. In Jefferson County, the deadline to pay property taxes and receive a discount is December 1st. To pay without a discount the date is December 31st. In fact, if you pay after January 1st, a penalty of 5% is assessed.  

Property taxes are based on the assessed value of your property.  Everyone who owns property must pay a tax on it. Many people have this taken out of their monthly mortgage payment through an escrow account. Those individuals will still receive a tax statement to inform them of their current property tax charges. For property that sold mid year, the seller usually pays a pro-rated tax at the time of closing and then the buyer is responsible to pay the entire tax when it is due. If you are unsure if this occured, check on your settlement statement. If you are uncertain if your taxes are escrowed, contact your mortgage company. Those that do not have an escrow account set up will need to make a payment to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office. These payments can be by mail, in person at the Sheriff’s office  or via the internet. The addresses are listed below with links to the website. Remember to have your tax bill in hand when you pay.

Mail: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
P.O. Box 34570
Louisville, KY 40232-4570

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