Booming Louisville Real Estate Market

             We are seeing marked improvement over the stagnant numbers reported in the last several years and it is clear that we are on an upswing here in the Louisville Real Estate Market.  The numbers show that more people are buying and selling homes this year. This is great news for current and future home-owners, and exciting for real estate agents across the Louisville area.

             Louisville has continued to have growth in the housing market this year. The number of homes sold in May of 2011 compared to May 2012 is up by over 14%! We have also seen an increase month after month on home sales since January of this year. Homes are moving fast, making this an ideal time to enter the housing market. Home values are going up as well! The average home value has consistently increased since 2009 with {the average} home valued at almost $14,000 more now than in 2009! Pair this with record low interest rates, and homeownership is a very real possibility for those looking to invest, relocate, or upgrade into their dream home.

                At the Ruckriegel group, we stay informed of the market numbers so that we can pass that knowledge on to you. It is important for our clients to have the most up to date information when making decisions on a home sale. We would love to help you take advantage of the current opportunities in the Louisville Housing Market. Contact us today to get started!

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